General Status Update

General Update + Maya Translation Status

I apologize for not updating more frequently and consistently; work has been keeping me pretty busy. The project has not been abandoned, for those who want to know what happens to our heroine Maya.

I hope to have Chapter 4, Euron Royal Academy, out before the end of October 2021, but I am also building a mobile app game for a program with a demo due in a few weeks, so a November release might be more likely. (The game is a text-based Choose Your Own Adventure style RPG, I'm hoping to work in some references to this trilogy)

In the meantime, here's a preview of what's coming.(I hope to put together an actual release schedule after my work situation settles down) The remaining chapters in Volume 1 are:

Girl of the Lake

Name of the Wind

Forest of Terror

The Boy in the Library

Volume 2, The Secret Library will begin with Chapter 9, which is also titled The Secret Library.

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